Lampedusa Off Side Immigration

This video is about the many things that had already happened by the now distant 24th January 2009, when on the island of Lampedusa the migrants held in the Contrada Imbriacola Centre escaped amongst the local population. Amsnet has published the audio-documentary DOC 12: Turchi. Tales of helicopters and boats on Lampedusa which recounts those […]

Lampedusa, over 400 migrants rescued

La Repubblica – Two separate boats off the island: both rescued by the Coastguard and the Finance Police and brought into the port.Two boats loaded with migrants just off the Lampedusan coastline were rescued during the night by the Coastguard. The first, with 218 people aboard- including 7 women, was accompanied into the port by […]

Boat arrival in the Province of Agrigento- one dead and two missing

from -The lifeless body was found just a few metres from the shore at Frangitella, between Montallegro and Siculiana, where 22 Tunisians arrived by boat early this evening.It is a new tragedy of desperation on the Sicilian coastline. One death, and according to the survivors, other are still missing: that is the tragic toll […]

Agrigento, migrants arrive by boat at Punta Bianca

From Agrigento Flash. Around 30 migrants arrived by boat at dawn this morning on the beach of Punta Bianca. As soon as they reached the shore, the migrants separated and dispersed. Around twenty have since been stopped by the police. They were in small groups along the road for the Mosè Village near the Giunone […]

Carabinieri find boat with 24 migrants aboard

From lasiciliaweb. The carabinieri have located 24 migrants, one of whom is a minor, on the beach of Eraclea Minoa, at Cattolica Eraclea (Ag). They had arrived during the night and the migrants, believed to be Tunisian, immediately attempted to leave the beach covering up all traces of their arrival. The military found their boat, […]

New season of detentions at Lampedusa

On the 2nd April, 48 migrants were rescued 60 miles off the Lampedusan coast. The boat they were travelling on had departed from Lybia. Ten of them (4 Eritreans and 6 Somalians) died during the crossing. The Public Prosecutions Office in Agrigento has opened an inquiry to try and find out what happened from those […]