Inventing Emergencies To Destroy Human Rights And Hide The Real Problems

We are at war, a dirty war with Goliath on the one side – with economic, financial and military power – and David on the other – the poor, the exploited, those relegated to the margins. We stand between these two sides, divided by the desire for the power and privileges propagandised by Goliath’s party […]

Solidarity Is Not A Crime: Six Tunisian Fishermen Return To Freedom

Palermo, 22.09.2018 Last August 30th, six fishermen from Zarzis were arrested at Lampedusa under the accusation of aiding illegal immigration. The Judge in the Court of Re-Examination in Palermo today decided to revoke the cautionary detention in prison, freeding Chamseddine Bourassine. Along with his crew – Lofti Lahiba, Farhat Tarhouni, Salem Belhiba, Bechir Edhiba and […]

Migrant boat ‘spends hours in distress off Libyan coast’

Adapted from Euronews- A rubber boat carrying around 100 migrants spent hours in distress off the Libyan coast on Sunday as officials ignored calls for assistance, according to search and rescue groups. Pilotes Volontaires, which provides aerial observation support to NGOs carrying out rescue operations at sea, reported on Sunday evening that it had received information […]

Crew of a Tunisian Fishing Vessel Arrested in Italy While Saving People at Sea

Taken from MeltingPot – Chamseddine Bourassine, President of Zarzis le Pecheur APDE, the fishermen’s association of Zarzis and la Peche Artisanale, was arrested by the Italian authorities on September 1st, along with five other fishermen near Lampedusa.

Lampedusa: Eight Year Old Aisha vs Italy

Taken from TerreLibere:  The charges brought by Tunisian family arrive in the European Court. Their rights were violated by Italy, yet again in the infamous Hotspot.

Build Walls And Make Money

Are we really sure that we don’t want migrants? Are we sure that it’s better they stay at home and die of hunger of in the wake of a smart bomb manufactured by us and dropped by one of our allies?

It’s All Just Normal Procedure

“We’re just following orders, we can’t make an exception, and these animals are liable to do anything. They’re so desperate they don’t have anything to lose. We can’t ask ourselves if it’s right or not, we’re paid to do this. We always see the same faces, they’re so desperate that they come back two or […]

A Witness Account from the Lampedusa Hotspot

We have received and publish below a witness account of what took place on the 7th and 8th of March inside the Lampedusa Hotspot: the problem began when one guy swallowed a razor blade in protest and, while he was suffering and complaining the police arrived and beat him. a migrant made a video and […]

The Agrigento mafia’s hand on migrants – Agrigento may be the province which more than any other is experiencing the phenomenon connected to immigration: ghost landings happening also outside the summer season, police forces under pressure especially when the flux of migrants towards the shores of this area increases, villages where the presence of important first reception facilities cause certain […]

History repeats itself: a day of remembrance in Lampedusa

Three days ago, the day of memory was celebrated and everywhere we could read words that for some politicians meant to express hope and renewal. But for us, they are empty of significance, given that in the moment of celebration the silent and subtle mass killing of the migrant people continues.