Chapter Four: What’s in a Law?

A Sicilian Diary of Nina Perkowski “There used to be three reception centres in Catania. People would live there and go out, explore the city, integrate into city life. And now they instead put them all in the middle of nowhere, 2000 people grouped together and isolated from society. Rendered invisible to the rest of […]

Chapter Three: Settling in.

A Sicilian Diary of Nina Perkowski The last few days have been quieter, no more travelling to Cassibile or Mineo – instead, I took some time to explore my new temporary home town, Catania. On Friday, I attended a screening of a film on the US bases in Sicily and worldwide with a subsequent discussion […]

PALAZZO BERNINI – SHUT OUT (Tale of an eviction).

From 17th to 23rd July 2012, all points of access to the Palazzo Bernini were gradually bricked up. Palazzo Bernini has been housing 150 people, mainly Bulgarians and Romanians, for months. No alternative accommodation has been proposed by the local council. Today all of them are on the street. Many have gone to the shanty […]

video: expulsion of immigrants who arrived by boat in Catania

The 115 migrants from Egypt, who arrived at the port of Catania on 27th June, were immediately transferred to the underground gym in the school A. Doria in Via Cordai, San Cristoforo. Within 24 hours, all minors had been moved on to reception centres, whilst the adults had all been sent back to Egypt in […]

Migrants repatriated from Catania. The Anti-Racist Network denounces the suspension of human rights

Patrizia Maltese in Primo Piano “Another shameful deportation and hurried collective expulsion indicative of the worst type of police state.”This is how the Catania Anti-Racist Network defined the operation that took place in the night in Catania and which took the 53 adult migrants (3 of whom were Coptic Christians intending to claim asylum) back […]

18th December 2011: Regional Demonstration outside the Mineo CARA (Hosting Centre for Asylum Seekers)

Several Sicilian associations participated in the demonstration organised by the Catania Anti-Racist Network, including: Officina rebelde, Cobas, qui mineo, Centro Astalli Catania, Palermo Anti-Racist Forum, NO MOUS movement, Storie Migranti. The demonstration, which was carried out with the migrants themselves, was a mixture of both moments of conviviality and music, and also of confrontation whilst […]