Press release from the lawyers of the Syrian video author of the scandal of the Lampedusa CSPA

The non-profit organisation Borderline Sicilia has released a press statement drawn up by the lawyers of Khalid, the young Syrian author of the video making public the treatment of the guests of the Lampedusa immigrant reception centre, where he, with 26 other migrants, is still being held after more than two months.

Catania, 21/12/13
We note that our client, interviewed today by the police criminal investigation department, has refused to provide information regarding the matter of medical treatment procedures for the guests of the reception centre at Lampedusa.
We express concern for the lack of a timely transfer of Khalid from the Lampedusa centre, the place in which the events for which the office of Public Prosecution Agrigento has opened an inquiry allegedly took place. Our client has found himself within the facility for 47 days for reasons of justice and, as referred to this morning in Parliament by Minister Alfano, it seems, therefore, unacceptable that a person, a potential asylum seeker, who has courageously decided to collaborate with the law is treated in a way that violates the fundamental rights of a person. We are convinced that in order for the criminal investigations to proceed calmly, arrangements should be made for the immediate transfer of Khalid to a secure place in order to create the necessary conditions to obtain, in compliance with the safeguards provided by law, all of the facts relevant to the establishment of any possible liability for the events presented in the video shot inside the centre at Lampedusa.

Paola Ottaviano and Germana Graceffo, Lawyers for the Defence of Khalid

Translation: Denise Wesley