CPR of Caltanissetta: a Tunisian boy dies and protests erupt

Press release – A Tunisian boy being detained at the CPR of Caltanissetta died inside the center this morning.

It seems he may have been sick for days but hadn’t received adequate medical care and, in order to determine the circumstances of death, an autopsy has been arranged for the body.

The death of the boy has once again incited the anger of the migrants detained at the CPR of Caltanissetta, who find themselves living in desperate conditions, with an utter lack of services, as demonstrated by the many grievances expressed over the years.

Today’s protest resulted in the structures being set on fire, as occurred once before in 2017, when the damage caused then forced a temporary closure of the center.

For the moment, the people held in the CPR are still being kept outside the facilities and have been told they will need to spend the night outside.


Translated from Italian by Olivia Taibi