Actions in solidarity for Pro Activa – Open Arms

Nicola Arboscelli has been on hunger strike in solidarity for the Spanish NGO Pro Activa for four days now. The activist, also known as “Irpo”, engages in various struggles for human rights and similar concerns.

Illustration by Guglielmo Manenti

It has almost been three weeks that their rescue ship Open Arms is docked in the port of Pozzallo. The ship has been seized by the Public Persecutors Office of Catania in the context of investigations accusing the captain of the ship as well as the head of mission of favouring illegal migration.

After the investigating judge of Catania did not withhold the accusation of criminal association, the case was passed to the Public Persecutor’s Office of Ragusa. The decision of the investigating judge of Ragusa is expected within the next few days.

In the meantime, the seizure is preventing the NGO to carry out their mission: saving lives in the Central Mediterranean.

After three days of protest in front of the court of Ragusa and in the city centre, today the activist continues his hunger strike and enlarges it to a “thirst strike” at the port of Pozzallo, where a demonstration is planned for Sunday, 8th April, 2 pm.

Editorial Borderline Sicilia


Translation: Helena Hattmannsdorfer