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Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – January 2020

    • CPR*: a system that must be overthrown
    • The hypocrisy of Remembrance Day



    On January 12th, Aymed, a 34-year-old Tunisian man, died within the CPR of Caltanissetta following days of poor health and without adequate medical care, according to other detainees in the center. His death sparked the anger and protests of the other migrants, who set the building ablaze.

    What has transpired urges us to be vigilant in maintaining awareness of the system of administrative detention and the repatriation centers: a system that segregates and deprives people of their freedom solely because they lack a regular residence permit for Italy, a system that must be overthrown.

CPR of Caltanissetta: a Tunisian boy dies and protests erupt

Never Again CPRs – the antiracist garrison at Pian del Lago


As on every 27th of January, we observe Remembrance Day so as not to forget the extermination carried out by the Nazis and Fascists during the Second World War; but this is not enough to prevent the horrors of the past from being repeated.

We repeat them when we kill with our bombs, as directed by our radars in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya; when we let those trying to come to Europe in search of a better life die at sea; when we continue to build walls and camps that confine men, women, and children; when we dehumanize other humans.

January, month of peace and memory, among hypocrisy and inhumanity

Translated from Italian by Olivia Taibi

*CPR: Centri di Permanenza per il Rimpatrio – Detention and Repatriation center