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Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – July 2019

  • The government of violence
  • Closure of the fortress Europe


Strength and violence continue to be the weapons used against migrants and against those considered and made socially weak: the shameful case of the Cara* di Mineo is an example of this. In addition, the destruction of the reception system with blocked bans and reduced services is causing enormous disasters: homeless and irregular migrants are on the rise; criminal networks are proliferating among bad reception, the trade of documents and exploitation.

Despite prejudicial attacks, such as the one against Medhanie Berhe, resilience and strength allow migrants to face the increasingly high walls of discrimination.
http://localhost:81/newborden/the-strong-hand-of-the-state-against-the-weak-2/ http://localhost:81/newborden/prejudgment-instead-of-due-process-the-case-of-medhanie-berhe/ http://localhost:81/newborden/the-story-of-peter-and-precious/ http://localhost:81/newbordcara-di-mineo-dopo-otto-anni-chiude-il-ghetto-voluto-dalla-lega/


With the approval of the Security Decree bis the cowardly attack on NGOs and rescue at sea of migrants is normalized. The illegal detention of 131 migrants on the Gregoretti ship, which was detained in the port of Augusta, is a further abuse of institutions that violate international principles. Through segregationism, illegal detention in hotspots – as happened in Messina – and rejections at sea to Libyan lagers, the policy of closure makes Sicily and Italy aggressive southern outposts of the Fortress Europa.

Associations and civil society are mobilising against this violent drift to build a Euro-Mediterranean resistance network requiring humanitarian corridors and a common right of asylum. http://localhost:81/newborden/the-only-certainty-support-of-the-mafia-and-informal-sector/ http://localhost:81/newborden/from-one-confinement-to-another-the-illegitimate-detention-of-the-sea-watch-migrants-in-the-hotspot-of-messina/


*CARA: reception centre for asylum seekers

Translation: Francesca Cavallo