Newsletter Borderline Sicilia – December 2018/ January 2019

The nefarious effects of the Salvini Law The criminalisation of the NGOs and the case of the Sea Watch 3

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – November 2018

The Salvini Law: Italy’s Worrying Regression in Human Rights Inhumane Living Conditions And Tragic Stories The Rhetoric of Closed Ports and the Criminalization of the NGOs

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA- October 2018

After October 3rd: Witness Accounts and Analysis The Riace Case and State Racism Landings and Rescues Continue in the Mediterranean

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – September 2018

New case of criminalisation of rescuing at sea: Tunisian fishermen arrested and then set free The hidden economy and practices of exploitation Bad hostel management and lack of sea rescues continues

Newsletter Borderline Sicilia – August 2018

The Diciotti case and the civil society’s resistance against barbarism Counter-information and counter-narratives to oppose political instrumentalisation Hidden economy and worker exploitation in the countryside: conference at Marsala on September 12th

Newsletter BorderlineSicilia – July 2018

Call out by civil society against racism Real life is the only antidote to propaganda The government’s new direction and its consequences

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – June 2018

The Saga of the Aquarius and the Closure of the Italian Ports to NGO Ships Border Violence and the Neo-Fascist Tendency The Italian Government’s Responsibility for the Rise in Deaths at Sea

Newsletter BORDERLINESICILIA – May 2018

The consequences of the Libya-Italy deal beyond the sea Libya: one country, two stories When emergencies become daily news The importance of good practices   THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE LIBYA-ITALY DEAL BEYOND THE SEA Between Sunday 6th and Tuesday 8th May 2018, 105 rescued people on board the Astral – a vessel waving the British […]

Newsletter BORDERLINESICILIA – March/April 2018

The Open Arms: solidarity campaigns and release The realisation of border control policies Inefficiency in the reception system: intruders and the excluded Rights increasingly violated while reactions are always less Events: Conversation on migrants’ issues (projec EACEA BsM)

Borderline Sicilia Newsletter February 2018

Fire, Endless Waiting and Eviction: The Invisibility Continues Happy Birthday, Pack Your Bags! The Immigration Business Stories of Hope News: Libya, the Hell Without End – a new report from Oxfam and Borderline Sicilia Information and contacts