Newsletter BORDERLINESICILIA – January 2018

Libyan detention centres: slaves, torture and death The social exclusion that kills New arrivals in Sicilian ports: people keep dying in the sea The sewn lips of Lampedusa News: Borderline Sicilia celebrates its 10 years with a new homepage

Newsletter SICILIAMIGRANTI – December 2017

The inhumanity of migration policies The forced boat drivers: the umpteenth scapegoat ASGI: Critical issues in the “E-Migrantes” project News: The Permanent Tribunal of the People condemns the EU and individual member states Info and contact

Migrant Sicily Newsletter, November 2017

Lampedusa: The Laboratory of Migration Policies Invisible Migrants, Increasingly Vulnerable to Blackmail: The New Slaves The Interventions of the Libyan Coast Guard Cause Death and Refoulments News: Inter-religious commemoration in Palermo; MEDU sends Minniti a letter on the Libyan holocaust Events: The Permanent People’s Tribunal to be held in Palermo; 2017 has reached its final […]

Migrant Sicily Newsletter, October 2017

 The Italian Political Deficit: Oppression and Exploitation in Seasonal Work New and More Isolated Extraordinary Reception Centres The Security Policies that Compromise the Protection of Migrants Institutional Discrimination in the Exercising of Rights and Access to Services News: The EU Confirms the Creation of a Hotspot at Messina; Doctors for Human Rights Presents an Online […]

Migrant Sicily Newsletter, August 2017

Outside of the system: Foreign minors and young adults deprived of protection in centres in Eastern Sicily Fortress Europe declares war on migrants. Between repression, controls on rescuing, push-backs at sea and armed reception Disorganisation, illegal practices and violations of human rights: the failures of a reception system still based on “emergency” News: Migrants recount […]

Migrant Sicily Newsletter, July 2017

Criminalisation of rescuing and push backs at sea: the ban on fleeing from hell The former welfare centre at Burgio-Corsello di Canicatti in the Pian del Lago camp: between exploitation, degradation and desperation The reception of unaccompanied foreign minors and the ‘case’ of the ‘Porta Felice’ cooperative in Palermo When reception is business: the people […]

Migrant Sicily Newsletter, June 2017

  A SYSTEM WHICH IGNORES HUMAN DIGNITY: FROM THE LANDING PROCEDURES TO THE RECEPTION CENTRES Absence of communal spaces, appalling sanitary conditions, systematic violations of human rights, inappropriate lack of separation by age and gender: this is the brutal image provided by initial reception centres for migrants which one glances from the report by the National […]

Migrant Sicily Newsletter, March 2017

The manhunt for the “alleged boat drivers” and the undignified reception at Sicilian ports Minors on the edge: between material deprivation and rights denied The unending massacre a stone’s throw from Fortress Europe Deportations, evictions and abandonment: no way out for those in search of hope News: Caltanissetta. After the Eviction, the Shanty Town Returns. […]

Migrant Sicily Newsletter, January 2017

Police Operations, Repression and Daily Massacres: Europe Continues to Build Walls Against Migrants The Invisible People of Campobello di Mazara, Caught Between Exploitation, Destitution and Abandonment Eastern Sicily: The Hostile Reception of Minors, Housed in Tent-Cities, Hotspots and Emergency Centres News: Pozzallo: Money For Migrants Used By The Local Council For Everything From Fixing the […]

Newsletter – January 2016

– Hotspots, rejections and relocations: Fortress Europe controls and discriminates against migrants in flight – “We are refugees but we are not free”: the Eritrean migrants’ protest continues, while Frontex declares a zero tolerance approach on identification – A country which rejects people and a system which fails to welcome them – News and events: […]