Since 2011, Borderline Sicilia carries on an immigration monitoring project in Sicily, financed by the Protestant Church in Rhineland (Germany), which takes place in collaboration with the German association borderline-europe, human rights without borders. Through this project, Borderline Sicilia has created an immigration observatory in Sicily which has made it possible to monitor over the years the arrivals by sea, the immigration detention and reception centers – governmental and non-governmental – as well as the practices implemented by institutional and private bodies within the immigration sector.

Borderline Sicilia has structured a capillary activity throughout the Sicilian territory, using a network which involves voluntary organizations of the involved provinces, as well as the collaboration of volunteers from all over the world.

The information collected is published on the Association’s website and used for advocacy activities, carried out on both local and national level.

Translated from Italian by Elena Baggetta

Report Observatory 2021 (in Italian and German language)