Patto in Chiaro - nuovo PROGETTO EACEA-EUPAM. Borderline Sicilia avvia la serie di podcast “Patto in Chiaro”, per spiegare il Patto sulla Migrazione dell’UE

Patto in chiaro – new EACEA-EUPAM PROJECT

Borderline Sicilia, through the EUPAM (EU Pact on Asylum and Migration) project, funded by the EU agency EACEA, is pleased to announce the publication of a podcast series entitled „patto in chiaro“ (Pact in Clear), designed to explain and analyse the critical aspects of the EU Pact on Asylum and Migration, proposed by the European Commission and currently under discussion in the European Parliament.

Starting from Wednesday 17 November 2021, we will publish weekly episodes of the series, in which, together with our guests, we will discuss the different elements of the pact.