Hotspot Confinement and the Mirage of Redistribution

In continuing to carry out our recent weeks of monitoring, we returned to Pozzallo and Messina to meet with some of the individuals staying in these two hotspots.

The MEDU Team in Sicily: Witness Accounts from the Libyan Concentration Camps

In Catania on October 3rd the team from MEDU (Doctors for Human Rights) presented the results and data relating to years of the project On.To, organised for the specialised assistance of migrant survivors of torture and inhumane and degrading detention. The chosen day is not incidental: October 3rd marks the fifth anniversary of the Lampedusa […]

The Diciotti Incident: The Shaming of a State

The Diciotti is blocked in the Eastern harbour at the port of Catania, with 177 people on board, caught in a tug of war between the Minister of the Interior, Salvini – who wants to impose the deportation to European countries as a necessary condition to a landing – and the Minister for Transport, Toninelli, […]

The Murder Doesn’t Stop in Summer

Cries of pain, indistinct voices calling for help, uninterrupted crying, more calls for help, shouting and wailing without end. And then silence. And the question is: what can I do? On the other side of the phone there were men, women, children… Whatever the reply to the question is, the result is that we sent […]

European Parliament Sides Against Humanitarian Crimes

Taken from Redattore Sociale –“Providing assistance to migrants is not a crime”. The words of a meeting of European MPs requesting that states monitor border stops. In Italy, the investigations by public prosecutors into the NGOs have reached a dead end: no news from Trapani for a year; in Ragusa “Proactiva” has been exonerated and Palermo […]

Neo-Fascism, Italian Style

After months of games and spectacle, a government has been established that makes electoral statements on a daily basis, that directs accusations against uncomfortable witnesses, that reacts with power and viloence against NGOs, unalligned journalists and whoever rebels against the status quo.

Why The Proactiva Has Been Released. The Judge: “There Are No Safe Ports In Libya”.

From  – The Justice of Preliminary Investigations in Ragusa has rejected the local prosecutor’s request to maintain the seizure of the Open Arms. In the decree, he emphasises how the accusations are situated in a context of total uncertainty. According to the judge, the current issue is nothing more than “disobedience in the face of orders”. […]

Smugglers by force


Free the Open Arms and the Iuventa: No One Should Be Sent Back to the Libyan Inferno

Appeal from the Sicilian Antiracist groups. We want to break the silence and indifference in the face of the drowning of human rights. We call for demonstrations throughout Italy to demand the release of the humanitarian rescue ships the Open Arms and the Iuventa, and to submit the following appeal to the Prefectures: The ship […]

Actions in solidarity for Pro Activa – Open Arms

Nicola Arboscelli has been on hunger strike in solidarity for the Spanish NGO Pro Activa for four days now. The activist, also known as “Irpo”, engages in various struggles for human rights and similar concerns.