Campobello 2021. Structural emergency and death of a worker

Article first published on December 17, 2021 This year in Campobello, the autumn and the harvesting season were marked by the fire that occurred on the night of 29-30 September, in which Omar Baldeh lost his life, and following which the responses were – as always – only of a structural emergency nature. The mentality […]

Campobello 2019: another olive harvest in the name of exploitation

“What can I tell you? We see each other every year, but it keeps getting worse – and now this year there are no olives and so work is even more complicated. I really have nothing to say to you, I’m sorry…take a walk and tell me one good thing about this hell.” Moussa’s outburst […]

The Only Certainty: Support of the Mafia and Informal Sector

On Thursday, July 25th, after the news of the last horrible massacre on sea was spread, the Italian government approved of a second ‘security decree’ (decreto di sicurezza bis).


The Reception System Collapses

We are living in a permanent electoral campaign. The most recent elections saw even more false statements, in a climate already poisoned by a total deprivation of objective facts. The site Missing Migrants speaks very clearly: there has been a drastic fall in the number of landings but an equal number of migrant deaths as […]

Where The Tents Were: Stories of Rural Exploitation

During the three months of the olive harvest at Campobello di Mazara, people were constantly present to support the seasonal workers and alleviate their exhaustion and the difficulties. There were people who people gave their time and ideas, trying to provide a minimum of dignity to the seasonal workers. The institutions weren’t there, neither the […]

They’re Banned From Celebrating

Do you remember Jamel, Loti, Nashreddine, Nassim, Rabah and Ramsi?


The new security law became active last week and now needs to enter into the books. As well as attacking the right to protection and throwing thousand of people into irregularity, people who have already initiated personal projects in Italy, it also dismantles the SPRAR network, the only part of the Italian reception system that, […]

Inventing Emergencies To Destroy Human Rights And Hide The Real Problems

We are at war, a dirty war with Goliath on the one side – with economic, financial and military power – and David on the other – the poor, the exploited, those relegated to the margins. We stand between these two sides, divided by the desire for the power and privileges propagandised by Goliath’s party […]

The Murder Doesn’t Stop in Summer

Cries of pain, indistinct voices calling for help, uninterrupted crying, more calls for help, shouting and wailing without end. And then silence. And the question is: what can I do? On the other side of the phone there were men, women, children… Whatever the reply to the question is, the result is that we sent […]