Migrants, a summer filled with abuses and denied rights

During the summer, headlights are usually aimed at embarkations, and this year is no exception. However, due to the Coronavirus, alarms about potential ‘invasions’ are raised particularly often, resulting in ideal conditions for the nth hate speech against migrants and messy, disastrous processes of embarkations. It’s been a year since the minister of interior who […]

The Unbearable Weight of Indifference

Into the deafening silence that has accompanied the latest massacre at sea, we report the account of Angelo Piraneo, who was among those in Porto Empodocle waiting for the ship that brought the coffins of the dead from the last shipwreck. aPhoto by Angelo Piraneo “At 12:30 the ship Pietro Novelli docks at the pier […]

The endless massacres and the perfect line of continuity

This year, another massacre at sea only a few miles from the island of Lampedusa reveals the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the festivities of October 3rd, occurring only a few days after the dismantling of the walkways for the invited politicians.

The border of Lampedusa. Unlawful practices, indifference and resistance

On Lampedusa, the limbo of a border in the middle of the Mediterranean, the landings of migrants continue uninterrupted. The violations of rights which are constantly carried out in the hotspot – where up to 300 people have been detained in recent days -, the informal European relocation procedures, and the violence constituted by widespread […]

The story of Salifù, from Libyan hell to a present of exploitation in Italy

“Do you know that the people who die at sea are much more than what is written in the newspapers? Do you know that in Libya the days are hell? Not to mention the nights. And you can’t imagine how ‘you don’t live’. Many of us hope that death will take us so as not […]

Another summer of drowning and violations of human rights at the southern border of Europe

“I see boats like the one over there that are left at the coast,” he says and points to the last boat left after a so-called ghost landing, “and I think that the people who have arrived could be relatives of friends of mine, who are, like we all are, searching for a dignified life. […]

The Only Certainty: Support of the Mafia and Informal Sector

On Thursday, July 25th, after the news of the last horrible massacre on sea was spread, the Italian government approved of a second ‘security decree’ (decreto di sicurezza bis).

The Strong Hand of the State Against the Weak

Several dozen vehicles of the security staff and fire brigade, a helicopter, and approximately 200 police officers, carabinieri, and firefighters – to vacate families with children. Among them many Italians, as this is not only targeting foreigners but first and foremost poor people.

What Remains of Welcoming

While the Mare Ionio saves 49 people, the war of tweets is starting up to smear the Italian NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans. This rescue mission demonstrates that people continue to leave and die at sea, or in Libya where they are brought back to and tortured – with our money.

The Reception System Collapses

We are living in a permanent electoral campaign. The most recent elections saw even more false statements, in a climate already poisoned by a total deprivation of objective facts. The site Missing Migrants speaks very clearly: there has been a drastic fall in the number of landings but an equal number of migrant deaths as […]