The CARA of Mineo: The Ghetto Wanted by the Lega Closes Down after Eight Years

A report on the establishment of a center of violence and oppression. The CARA of Mineo was a reception structure for asylum seekers that should never have existed. It was established in 2011 during the ‘exceptional situation North Africa’ in former barracks of the American military in Sigonella. The place became a symbol for the […]

The Straight Back of Grace

Grace, whose name has been changed by the author, is a thirty-nine-year-old female emigrant from the Ivory Coast. She arrived on the Italian coast in January 2018 in a life-threatening condition. She was saved, reanimated, and was able to survive, together with her six-year-old daughter. Grace applied for asylum and was brought to the asylum […]

Boys on the Outside. Activists on the Inside.

The day before yesterday the head of stat gave the green light for the most unjust and inhumane law since the post-war period till today. We know from experience that this is a law that will hurt everyone (other than ‘first the Italians’) because it attacks rights, and that cannot help anyone (other than traffickers […]

The Most Recent Arrivals By Sea and the Strange Power of Racist Propaganda

Weeks of intense movement within the Mediterranean Sea, especially between the nights of 23 and 24 November, when 68 people landed on the coasts of Agrigento, another 79 on the coasts of Crotone and 260 people at Pozzallo. As has already been emphasised several times, this yearìs landings have been characterised by unusual techniques, and […]

The MEDU Team in Sicily: Witness Accounts from the Libyan Concentration Camps

In Catania on October 3rd the team from MEDU (Doctors for Human Rights) presented the results and data relating to years of the project On.To, organised for the specialised assistance of migrant survivors of torture and inhumane and degrading detention. The chosen day is not incidental: October 3rd marks the fifth anniversary of the Lampedusa […]

The Diciotti Crisis. Interview with Prof. Mangiameli: “Migration Isn’t an Emergency, It’s A Constant Part of Our History”.

Taken from hashtagsicilia -Migration, reception, integration. These are the keywords of the “crisis” of the Ubaldo Diciotti, the ship kept for three days in the port of Catania with more than 150 migrants on board, waiting to know their own future, caught in a tug of war between the Italian government and the European Union. But […]

The Diciotti Case: Borderline Sicilia and the Catania Anti-Racist Network File Complaint with Public Prosecutor

Borderline Sicilia and the Catania Anti-Racist Network, in collaboration with the lawyers Paola Ottaviano and Nello Papandrea, have lodged an official complaint with the public prosecutor of the court of Catania relating to the events surrounding Italian Coast Guard vessel the ‘Diciotti’, which for the past nine days has had 150 migrants on board, previously […]

The Diciotti Incident: The Shaming of a State

The Diciotti is blocked in the Eastern harbour at the port of Catania, with 177 people on board, caught in a tug of war between the Minister of the Interior, Salvini – who wants to impose the deportation to European countries as a necessary condition to a landing – and the Minister for Transport, Toninelli, […]

For A Different World: No More Deaths in the Mediterranean Sea!

A Mediterranean of Death Waldesian Evangelical Church of Catania Baptist Evangelical Christian Church of Catani (via Capuana) Since the beginning of the year, more than 1,400 people have died at sea while attempting to reach Europe. This massacre could be avoided if there were active and legal means for immigration and if there were not […]

The ‘Open Arms’ Decides To Head Towards The Spanish Coast

The Open Arms has asked the Spanish MRCC to take over coordination of the Search and Rescue operation that led to the recovery of the dead bodies of a woman and a young child yesterday morning, and the rescuing of a single survivor of the shipwreck that took place on Monday evening.