Cassibile, the spectacle of exploitation

Article first published on May 7, 2021 The opening of the institutional camp in Cassibile has been narrated through the celebratory words of the institutions and the racist anger of the locals. We spent many days in Cassibile (SR) – in the fields and in the streets of the town – and listened to migrant […]

New Year, New Problems: A Month in Cassibile

Article first published on March 31, 2021 This March, as happens every year, the “Cassibile question” is revisited. Indeed, with potato season approaching and fewer workers than ever in the streets of this small city, the problems – old and new – are already here at the table. This March, as happens every year, the […]

Cassibile and the structural “emergency” of the illegal recruitment of underpaid agricultural workers

From the main road leading to the town of Cassibile, one can get a sense of the informal camp of the migrant workers. The camp consists of tents, tin huts and small, improvised shelters built between the trees. The migrants who live here leave every morning at dawn to harvest potatoes in the fields and […]

Visit to the SPRAR Centre in Francofonte

At the beginning of October we went to visit the SPRAR* centre managed by the Sol.Co consortium in Francofonte, province of Syracuse.

The Landings Never Stop

Since the establishment of the League-Five Star government, a belief is making headway in public opinon that, with the ports being closed to ships that have rescued migrants, the arrivals – the famous landings – have ended. Chapter closed. It was enough to simply pick off the rescue ships and avoid them landing until the […]

Migrants rescued by Trenton reveal: ‘If that boat saw and rescue us before, 76 people would not have died’

Repubblica– On 12 June 2018 the US Navy ship Trenton rescued 41 migrants in the Mediterraneo, off the coast of Libya, from a collapsed rubber boat. But 76 people have been less lucky and died in the shipwreck. After months we met six of the 41 survivors, who for the first time tell what happened […]

The Emergency Hostel in Rosolini: Asylum Seekers With Restricted Movement

On August 2nd we returned to the Extraordinary Reception Centre* in Rosolini, managed by the company ‘Alessandro Frasca s.a.s.’, which currently houses 101 people, ranging from 18 to 30 years’ old. The majority are from Subsaharan Africa but there are also residents from Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Egypt. The structure has a capacity of […]

Stories Of Ordinary Integration, Against The Stereotypes!

On July 4th we had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with Stephen (not his real name), a young 23-year-old man from Togo. Stephen arrived in Italy in July 2016. Having been hosted in two centres in Sicily, he was entered for the project Refugees Welcome, a “third reception” network that supports families to […]

The Dirty Propaganda Campaign About Libya

On 21 May 2018, a conference was held at the Ortygia Business School in Syracuse in order to “inform civil society about what is actually happening in Libya”. The panel included a moderator, Filippo Romano (Vice-Prefect of Syracuse), Roberto Perrone (Italian Ambassador to Libya), Roberto Mignone (leader of the UNHCR Mission in Libya) and Othman […]

A Good Example For Once

For once, a good example of migrant reception. A report of a visit to the “Obioma” SPRAR centre at Canicattini Bagni