CAS ‘Liberi Tutti’ in Partinico – The closure comes after months of laxity and violations of rights

Article first published on May 5, 2022 The Extraordinary Reception Center (CAS)* ‘Liberi Tutti’ in Partinico, in the province of Palermo, managed by the ‘Liberi Tutti’ cooperative, was eventually closed at the beginning of March following several inspections by the authorities. We are not surprised by the closure of the center as we met three […]

Dirty Money

Article first published on April 28, 2021 The latest shipwreck off the Libyan coast – the much celebrated “new” Libya – in which at least 130 people have died and an undetermined number went missing, occurred about two weeks after Draghi’s declaration of satisfaction with the “rescues” of the [so-called] Libyan Coast Guard. The [so-called] Libyan Coast […]

Diakité’s lesson

In Campobello di Mazara the 2020 olive harvesting has started and Diakité pronounces the most emblematic words: “I have been here for 15 years and you keep telling me you are doing everything you can for us. You, associations and activists, consider yourselves our friends but you too should be ashamed. You take an occasional […]

The Pandemic and the Factory of Irregularity

In Palermo, the Mission Hope and Charity [Missione Speranza e Carità] has been declared a red zone for the cases of Covid-19 positivity found. After a whole summer in which thousands of tourists circulated freely and without any control, encouraging any kind of gathering, to unleash unimaginable violence and hatred, it is the news of […]

The Chains of a Fake Reception

“We can’t stay calm because the burden we carry is too heavy. We are in a limbo, we are stuck between heaven and hell and the waiting is destroying us. The endless length of the processes is doing nothing except keeping us in chains, and we are forced to say ‘yes’ to everything just to […]

January, month of peace and memory, among hypocrisy and inhumanity

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, instituted to remember the extermination carried out by the Nazis and Fascists during the Second World War, and, once again, we will be forced to assist to the parades of politicians weeping over the past with their hands stained with the bloodshed in the present. Hands that today, in our […]

The pain of invisible wounds

While forty years have passed since the ‚Basaglia’ law has been put into effect, the National Sanitary Service should ask itself how it has applied the protections required by law. The task of dealing with psychological diseases is a fundamental aspect of every society, by which one can effectively measure if the welfare system is […]

The Strong Hand of the State Against the Weak

Several dozen vehicles of the security staff and fire brigade, a helicopter, and approximately 200 police officers, carabinieri, and firefighters – to vacate families with children. Among them many Italians, as this is not only targeting foreigners but first and foremost poor people.

In full Mafia style

They make laws criminalizing those who save lives and place media attention on migrants while continuing to reap hate and not caring about the people who die. The Mafiosi of the past buried in cement, the modern ones bury in the sea. Brought back to Libya – in illegitimate ways and contrary to all international […]

The end doesn’t justify the means

Bullying by power and massacred rights Italy 2019: a professor got suspended because students used their critical thinking to interpret recent events, leaders of neo-fascist groups are authorized to threaten and attack Roma families assigned to social housing, banners that express dissent are removed, decrees are written that quantify fines for everyone being rescued, the […]