Pian del Lago: Maximum security repatriation center

Article first published on October 4, 2021 We have been in Caltanissetta to monitor the situation in the Detention and Repatriation Center (CPR) of Pian del Lago. The visit was conducted a few days before the attempted escape of about 30 people detained inside the CPR, who were trying to escape their deprivation of personal […]

Never Again CPRs – the antiracist garrison at Pian del Lago

On Saturday, January 18th, a garrison formed in front of the CPR* of Pian del Lago in Caltanissetta, promoted by various Sicilian and national associations including Borderline Sicilia, Rete Antirazzista Catanese, Campagna LasciateCIEntrare, Sportello Immigrati di Caltanissetta, Forum Antirazzista di Palermo, and groups Arci of Catania and Palermo. The movement was organized following the death […]

CPR of Caltanissetta: a Tunisian boy dies and protests erupt

Press release – A Tunisian boy being detained at the CPR of Caltanissetta died inside the center this morning. It seems he may have been sick for days but hadn’t received adequate medical care and, in order to determine the circumstances of death, an autopsy has been arranged for the body. The death of the […]

The (ab)normality of reception in Caltanissetta 

In Caltanissetta and its province, the dangerous effects of the security decree have begun to manifest themselves. The cases of racism are growing, and the police force’s arbitrary application of legislative measures has become apparent.

More Protests at the Detention Centre in Pian del Lago: Tunisian Man Seriously Wounded

Following the fire that saw its closure on 9 December 2017, the detention centre* in Caltanissetta recently reopened its doors in order to allow the reprise of weekly deportations, mainly to Tunisia.

Open the Ports: Caltanissetta in solidarity with Aquarius.

On the 12th of June Caltanissetta also expressed solidarity with the migrants detained onboard the Aquarius whilst simultaneously criticising the racist politics of the newly instated government.

Press release of the immigration desk of Caltanissetta

There are countries in the world where the relationship with the institutions is the most difficult. Where requesting the recognition of a right means going through humiliation, hostile attitudes, and inhumane and degrading treatments.

The life of 18-year-olds* in eastern Sicily

Most of the complex problems regarding immigration in Italy are rooted in a common and mistaken approach of emergency assistance used as a normal model to manage the phenomenon. Yet in fact we are not facing an exceptional state which requires procedures of emergency, but rather a permanent reality which needs to be addressed for […]

Fire in the campo of Pian del Lago: Continued Invisibility

The terrible living conditions of migrants in the informal camp of Pian del Lago were made even more severe following the fire that was set ablaze at 6pm on the 12th of February. Fortunately, there were no victims or injured. Both the police and fire brigade intervened: they put out the fire, asked a few […]

The Camp At Pian Del Lago, Caltanissetta: A Non-Place Of Desperation

Living conditions are increasingly worse for the migrants living at the informal camp at Pian del Lago. After the last police eviction (26 May 2017) they have been forced to set up their tents in the remaining spaces between the big holes in the earth left by the diggers from Caltambiente. The attempt is of […]