Hotspot Confinement and the Mirage of Redistribution

In continuing to carry out our recent weeks of monitoring, we returned to Pozzallo and Messina to meet with some of the individuals staying in these two hotspots.

Messina’s Hotspot: Deficiencies in Redistribution of Migrants. An Complaint by ASGI*, Borderline Sicilia and ActionAid

We are publishing our letter to the administration, in which we describe the highly critical situation of migrants regarding their access to medical, psychological, and legal support as well as the material conditions of the reception in Messina’s hotspot. 11Messina: the entry of the hotspot – photo by Silvia Di Meo In light of the […]

The end doesn’t justify the means

Bullying by power and massacred rights Italy 2019: a professor got suspended because students used their critical thinking to interpret recent events, leaders of neo-fascist groups are authorized to threaten and attack Roma families assigned to social housing, banners that express dissent are removed, decrees are written that quantify fines for everyone being rescued, the […]

The Messina Hotspot: Inhumanity and Abuse. An Investigation by Antonio Mazzeo

Taken from StampaLibera – An overcrowded shanty town made up of dozens of containers built out of zinc sheets, tents, fences and dividing gates. A few rickety toilets and three halls with a hundred bunkbeds, one attached to the next, packed together, suffocating. A modern concentration camp for the immigration policies of “containment” and control instigated […]

Our Constitution Buried In Depths of the Mediterranean

According to data gathered over the last month, nearly one thousand people have been killed by the political choices of Europe and Italy. People murdered by the choice to close the ports and appease a complicit electorate in order to hide the constant ills of politics and the inability to make the country ignite again, […]

Migrants: Three New Structures for Migrant Reception in Messina

From – The Messina local council is continuing with the city’s approach to a spread-out reception system. Adhesion to the SPRAR network,* promoted by the council aide for Social Policy, Nina Santisi, has allowed the openning of three new structures minors today, aside from those already present for adults migrants and nuclear families (“ordinary SPRAR centres”) […]

Messina and Catania: Recent Rescues from the Sea and from Torture in Libya

At around 8am on the morning of 24th April, the Sea Watch 3 was allowed into the port of Messina.

The Former ‘Gasparro’ Barracks and the Bisconte Neighbourhood: In The Pits of Abandonment

The situation at the former ‘Gasparro’ barracks in the Bisconte neighbourhood in Messina is only getting worse – especially now that, since the end of September, the extant Extraordinary Reception Centre (CAS)* has been joined by a complex of prefab containers, officially functioning according to the Hotspot approach.

The Migrant Business: More Than €143,000 Per Day, Managed By An Archipelago Of Cooperatives – The former Regional Aide for Families, managed of the Ippocrate in Enna: “We’re only left with €3 per resident.” In front of the gates to the former hotel ‘Canguro’, the locals of Castell’Umberto point their fingers above all at them: the cooperatives. “They make money and we take the migrants” is the phrase passing through the crowd. […]

Messina: A Change Of Scene. From Today Migrant Landings To Be Moved To The Nuremberg Dock – The news had already been circulating for some time, but accident on the Siremar vessel Sansovino, then docked in at the Nuremberg Dock, blocked the plan for a while. Until this afternoon, when the Prefecture of Messina communicated to the range of bodies involved in migrant landing that from today the reception procedures will be […]