Arrival at Caucana, four missing

di Piero Paolino
There were 4 migrants reported missing during the long crossing which yesterday brought 76 men to our coastline. It is likely they didn’t survive the conditions aboard and now only the sea knows when their bodies will be recovered. It is yet another tragedy to occur in the Mediterranean. Despite initial indiscretions that the migrants were of Syrian origin, they have since been confirmed as Egyptian citizens.
Fourteen of the migrants are now in custody. The police have issued a statement saying that they are under suspicion for crimes associated with the illegal trafficking of migrants. 14 traffickers for 76 men? It is likely that further investigation into the dynamics of the journey will enable the figure to be reduced with those truly responsible being identified. Last night, one of the migrants was being held at the Maggiore di Modica after having attempted an escape. He is currently being watch over by the Finance Police. The other migrants remain at the Sports Centre in Pozzallo.
From Il Clandestino