Migration: rescue of two boats carrying 100 children

ANSA – South of Capo Passero, as part of the Mare Nostrum project. The Italian Navy has rescued a number of migrants south of Capo Passero, as part of the Mare Nostrum project. The Navy itself communicates that “yesterday the Grecale frigate’s helicopter localised two wooden boats carrying a high number of migrants, in the area south of Capo Passero. One of the two vessels was damaged and towing behind the other”.
“Due the lack of safety equipment, and to the dangerous conditions of the seawaters, the Italian Navy intervened by distributing life jackets; migrants were then transshipped to the Grecale frigate and the Foscari patrol ship, which had joined in the rescue operations. Such operations lasted until this morning, thanks to the further assistance of a few trading ships, until migrants were embarked upon Navy ships, precedence being given to women and to the numerous children (over 100)”. Given the worsening condition of seawaters, which had already been life-threatening, the decision has been taken to interrupt the transship operations until weather conditions improve, in order to guarantee the safety of both personnel and of migrants for the night. The Italian Navy ships are still in close proximity to migrants, and by tonight the embarkation operations will be completed.”

Translation: Angela Paradiso