Tensions rise inside the Pozzallo CSPA (Centro di Soccorso e Prima Accoglienza- First Reception Centre)

The day before yesterday saw a night of confusion at the Pozzallo CSPA. In the Centre, which is located in the port of the seaside town, there were moments of tension between the migrants and the forces of order. It seems as if the migrants began to show signs of irritation and started a hunger strike after their mobile phones has been confiscated by the police. However, there is still uncertainty over the true cause.
The events may also have been triggered by the news of imminent repatriations, or possibly by rejections for asylum received by some of the residents. Nonetheless, it is known that 30 migrants were transferred to Palermo to be sent back to Tunisia by charter flight.
20 migrants remain in the Pozzallo Centre, even if it would seem that their repatriation is also imminent.
Pozzallo is expected to be used to lighten the load in the event that Lampedusa becomes overcrowded.
G.R. “Il Clandestino”

Pozzallo. Irregular migrants protest because they are transferred.
21st March 2012
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As soon as they found out they would be repatriated within a few hours, a restlessness began to manifest itself in the Centre. Around 30 irregular migrants staying in the First Reception Centre in Pozzallo, who had previously arrived at Lampedusa, began to create tension when they understood that they were to be sent back to their country of origin. They started a hunger strike and then tensions rose further still when the police temporarily confiscated mobile phones as the migrants started taking pictures to document what was going on. This time, fortunately, no injuries were reported, in as much as those in charge of public order managed to stabilise the situation. There are currently around 50 people staying in the Pozzallo Centre. The 30 who “showed some resistance” to the police were immediately transferred by bus to Palermo and put on a charter flight to Tunisia.