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We accuse the illegal detention of two unaccompanied minor migrants in the Deportation centre of Milo

Press release – The association Borderline Sicilia, which has worked for years to monitor immigration on the island, is deeply concerned about the illegal practice of the Trapani authorities at the deportation centre (CPR*) in Milo.

On Friday 14 June, we were informed of the presence of two unaccompanied minor migrants at the detention centre, for whom the Trapani Justice of Peace had ordered temporary placement at the Milo Resettlement Centre, although he had not confirmed the measure of their detention at the CPR on the basis of the legal minimum age.

Despite our immediate notification to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Palermo Juvenile Court (which was forwarded to the Trapani Prefecture as well as to protection agencies for information), we learn that the two minors are still housed in this facility together with adults, in violation of the rules of protection of minors.

Article 19, paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree No. 142 of 2015 explicitly prohibits the detention of unaccompanied minors in the CPR and, according to Article 19 of the uniform law on migration, the rejection and expulsion of minors under the age of 18 cannot be ordered in any case.

The association therefore urges alla authorities to immediately transfer the two minors from the detention centre to a facility for unaccompanied minor migrants and to initiate the procedures required by law for integration into protective measures.

Palermo, 18 June 2019

*CPR – Centro per il rimpatrio: Deportation centre

Translation by Sandra Krause