Boat arrival in the Province of Agrigento- one dead and two missing

from -The lifeless body was found just a few metres from the shore at Frangitella, between Montallegro and Siculiana, where 22 Tunisians arrived by boat early this evening.
It is a new tragedy of desperation on the Sicilian coastline. One death, and according to the survivors, other are still missing: that is the tragic toll of the boat that arrived this morning on the beach of Frangitella, between Montallegro and Siculiana on the central eastern coast of the Province of Agrigento.
The migrants, who were all men from the Maghreb Region, were left on the shore. There are no traces of the boat used in the crossing. But on the beach there is the body of a man whose probable cause of death is drowning. According to the survivors- which currently number 30- others are still missing. Investigators are trying to verify their witness statements. It is also possible that the migrants were able to disperse after having reached the shore. The carabinieri and agents of the mobile unit are trying to piece together exactly what happened. The absence of the boat implies that the migrants were abandoned close to the beach by the boat which then turned back. Nonetheless, 5 Tunisians have been arrested following an incident that broke out within the gym in Montallegro, where the migrants had been taken. They are accused of verbal and physical assault as well as resisting police arrest.
In Ragusa, the police and the Carabinieri have arrested four Egyptians. They are accused of being in charge of the fishing boat which carried 64 other Egyptians, including 15 minors, towards Sicily. The boat ran into difficulty 2 days ago and was rescued at sea by the Coastguard and the Finance Police. The migrants were taken to Portopalo di Capo Passero in the Province of Syracuse.