Migrants: dinghy rescued at approximately 96 miles from Lampedusa

From hercole.it – Ninety- nine migrants, including 15 women, who found themselves adrift whilst heading towards Lampedusa, were last night rescued by the Italian coastguard and a ship from the Marine Military.
The boat, which had run into difficult, was located at approximately 96 miles south-east of Lampedusa and 66 miles off the Lybian coast. The migrants had launched an S.O.S via satellite phone to an Eritrean citizen, resident in Bari, who then immediately raised the alarm.
A Maltese plane was sent out and located the boat and then from Lampedusa, 2 patrol boats and an Italian supply vessel went out. The migrants, who are of sub Sahara origin, were boarded onto the patrol boats and then taken to Lampedusa.