New transfers from the Lampedusa CSPA -the Centre empties

Following Monday’s
transfer (27th August)
of 180 migrants from the Lampedusa CSPA (First Reception Centre) to
the Mineo CARA (Hosting Centre for Migrants) (CT), a further 79 migrants were
yesterday (31st August) taken by ferry to Porto Empedocle (AG). Among the group
were around 20 sub Saharan minors and 50 Tunisian adults.

The migrants were placed in cabins on the
ship’s upper deck, after spending 9 hours under the surveillance of 14
Carabinieri armed with guns and batons. Only the minors were allowed out on
deck in small groups of 6 or 7 to get a few moments of fresh air. And they were
forced to remain seated “for safety reasons” under the watchful eye
of 4 security guards. It was forbidden for them to speak to any of the other
passengers, especially the young Italians who were returning from their
holidays on Lampedusa and were curious about the presence of the migrants
aboard the ship.

Some passengers were informed by the
Carabinieri to not take seats in the lounge on the floor where the migrants
were staying because, “Tunisians smell”.

When they
arrived in Porto Empedocle, the minors were sent to various reception
centres on the island, while the Tunisians were sent to Pozzallo where they
will stay until their repatriation.

Germana Graceffo

Borderline Sicilia Onlus