Portopalo, 80 Somalis rescued

They were aboard a ten metre dinghy. 25 of them were women, two of whom were pregnant. The number of those rescued by the Coastguard in the last two days climbs to 438.
gds.it – Last night the coast guard carried out a rescue operation 30 miles south of Portopalo. 80 migrants, including 25 women (2 of whom were pregnant) were aboard the ten metre dinghy which had run into difficulty. The migrants claim to be Somalis. This brings the figure of those rescued by the coastguard in the last two days to 438. The alarm reached the Palermo Coastguard by satellite telephone, from which it was the possible to locate the dinghy. The operation concluded at 3.40 in the early hours of this morning when the two patrol boats- one from Porto Empedocle and one from Sciacca- arrived in Portopalo.