The words of the suffering: Where are our children?

from the blog “Langolo del patriota”
The umpteenth day of appeals and interviews for the delegation of the family members of the missing. This morning’s meeting with the Tunisian Console Abd Rahman Ben Mansour seemed destined to resolve the question of the fingerprints of the missing young men. The news everyone had been waiting for arrived this morning: the Tunisian Minister of the Interior had given his consent for the fingerprints to be sent to Italy to be checked. In the next few weeks it could be possible to find out more about what has happened to the young “desaparecidos” of the Mediterranean. This morning the delegation went to the Rai television studios in Palermo to be interviewed about their mission in Italy. At the same time, a member of the delegation said he had received a phone call from a fellow Tunisian detained in a Centre near Trapani. He had had his jaw broken, “he was in tears, he was begging us to let him go back to Tunisia. He said that after we had visited him, he had been beaten again.”
In the next few days, visits to the Centres in Caltanissetta and Mineo have been scheduled.

The search continues….. see the photo gallery