The parents of missing immigrants: “Italy, help us find our children”

They arrived on the 28th January in Palermo to look for their missing loved ones.
from Il Manifesto, Enrico Montalbano and Laura Verduci.
A delegation of 6 people, representing the parents of the over 200 Tunisians who have disappeared since coming to Italy, arrived on Saturday: “We want to understand.” They are the relatives of around 200 Tunisians who left in March on 4 different boats- on the 1st of March, the 14th and two boats on the 29th- who have now disappeared without a trace. Some of them phoned home, saying they had just arrived or that they were able to see the Italian coastline and ships. But since then, there has been no further news. There are no reports of any boats sinking on those days. The parents have been protesting for months in Tunisia to receive more concrete information as to what has happened to their children. The Tunisian government has asked the Italian authorities to have the fingerprints of all the Tunisians who arrived in Italy on the days in question. In these weeks, the group want to carry out further investigations. To start with, they intend to visit some of the centres where immigrants are detained, hoping to find traces of their sons and brothers. see the video…read the appeal