Everything starts again in Rome….

After 22 days in Palermo, the research carried out by the delegation moves to Rome, where this morning they unsuccessfully tried to obtain a meeting with the Tunisian Ambassador Nasar Mistiri.
The first day in Rome for the delegation representing the families of the missing Tunisians ended without any concrete results. This morning they had requested a meeting with the Tunisian Ambassador, Naser Mistiri, which was unable to go ahead as he was attending meetings with Italian ministers.

The day began with nervousness and confusion when Imed Soltani, spokesperson and member of the delegation received a phone call from Adel Laied, director of the Tunisian NGO “Front National de Concorde” to communicate the cancellation of the group’s appointment with the Tunisian Ambassador Naser Mistiri- the news having originally been obtained via the sit-in organised by Rebecca Kraiem. In spite of the tension, the delegation was received by the Vice Ambassador, Chokri Ltaief. During the meeting the Vice Ambassador on more than one occasion repeated the willingness of the embassy to participate in proceedings. He confirmed that the Italian Government had already asked the Tunisian government to send the fingerprints of the missing migrants several times. According to various sources, during the course of the day 17 sets of fingerprints belonging to some of the ”desaparecidos” minors were sent. The delegation succeeded in fixing an appointment for Tuesday morning with the Ambassador, to be followed by a press conference at the CGIL (Workers’ Trade Union) offices and also a half-day meeting with the Viminal (Minister of the Interior). After the meeting with Chokri Ltaief, the families were interviewed by the tv network Rai 3 and the programme Presadiretta. Support was also lent by members of the Tunisian community in Rome. Saturday has been scheduled as a rest day, with a sit-in in Piazza San Pietro on Sunday morning organised by Rebecca Kraiem from the association G. Verdi.
Published by Rabih Bouallegue

Hunger for truth
Hunger strike carried out by the delegation of families of the missing Tunisians communicated on Friday 10th February….
It was the third day of hunger strike for the delegation of families of missing migrants. The delegation has now reduced in size with three members no longer present this morning. Yesterday morning a member of the delegation Mahrezia Cherfi Raouefi was suddenly taken ill. Threats against Imed Soltani, spokesperson for the delegation, are coming thick and fast from the Ministries of the Interior and the Exterior, who state that he is guilty of heavily criticising the current government in a video message (filmed by myself). Tonight the delegation is being divided, Imed Soltani and Nourredine Mbarki will sleep in the mosque in Via Celso, while Mahrezia Cherfi Raouefi will spend the night as a guest with a Tunisian resident in Palermo. Tomorrow the delegation will continue their hunger strike in front of the Consulate before heading to Rome in the next couple of days to continue the protest there…..
Published by Rabih Bouallegue
taken from : https://leventicinqueundici.noblogs.org/