Migrants escape from the Caltanisetta Detention Centre- “the situation is unsustainable”

Blog Sicilia- 10 immigrants attempted to escape from the Pian del Lago Detention Centre in Caltanisetta. The incident occurred when the immigrants initiated a riot to protest against the living conditions within the Centre.

In order to escape, they destroyed the door of one of the rooms and tried to force open one of the main gates. The intervention of police and security forces interrupted their plan. Eight managed to escape, while two were arrested.
The two arrested are both Tunisians: Hamed Yassini, 19 years old and Maher Horcheni, 26 years old. For some time now, the mounting anger felt by those within the Detention Centre has been known. It is not the first time protests have been carried out. The migrants are protesting against the conditions in which they are being locked up.
The incident took place on Sunday evening. Stones, sharp pieces of plexiglass, tables and chairs were all thrown. Two police officers and one Carabinieri were left with injuries which will see them off work for at least a week. The two Tunisians will now face charges of resisting arrest, aggravated assault on a public official and aggravated damage. The other eight migrants are believed to have dispersed in the surrounding countryside.
– di Markez