Refusals of Entry- even according to the Public Prosecution Office of Syracuse, they were violent

Immigrants, pm: “Refusal of Entry and the sending of migrants to Lybia is violence”
The Public Prosecution Office in Syracuse orders the trial of Rodolfo Ronconi, Director of Police for Immigration and Vincenzo Carrrarini, General of the Finance Police.
“They didn’t respect the Italian norms regarding the arrival of refugees.” 75 irregular migrants refused entry.
The law of our country applies throughout the whole of the nation. A boat belonging to the Finance Police is still Italian territory. Anyone who boards that boat has the right to apply for refuge. It is under this pretext that the Public Prosecution Office of Syracuse has ordered the trial of Rodolfo Ronconi and Vincenzo Carrarini. The Director of Police for Immigration and the General of Border Control must answer to their role in inflicting duress. They are accused of the refusal of entry of 75 irregular migrants who arrived in the night between the 30th and 31st August 2009. The non-Europeans who were intercepted in international waters, were made to climb aboard the ship Denaro and taken to Lybia.
According to the Public Prosecution Office, the two who stand accused used “violent behaviour”. “They took the foreigners, some of whom were minors, to Lybian territory clearly against their will. They underwent no type of identification process.” The crime is said to have been committed after the immigrants boarded the police boat. “The behaviour which they were subjected to was in direct contrast to both domestic and international norms on human rights as stated in the regulations,” said the Chief Prosecutor Ugo Rossi. “It was forbidden for them to have access to procedures of refugee protection or make use of the recognised rights of immigrants.” The Public Prosecution Office underlined the fact that, “The accusations do not touch the so-called “politics of refusal of entry” or the legitimacy of the deals made between Italy and Lybia. We are dealing with a lack of respect for Italian norms.”
Roberto Maroni, Minister of the Interior, telephoned Ronconi to express his, “full esteem and support”. The chief of police, Antonio Manganelli, expressed his, “unconditional faith in the magistrates” but added, “I am absolutely convinced that the actions of the officers of the Department of Public Security was carried out with full respect for the national norms and international conventions in force.”
Fulvio Vassallo Paleologo
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