video: expulsion of immigrants who arrived by boat in Catania

The 115 migrants from Egypt, who arrived at the port of Catania on 27th June, were immediately transferred to the underground gym in the school A. Doria in Via Cordai, San Cristoforo. Within 24 hours, all minors had been moved on to reception centres, whilst the adults had all been sent back to Egypt in yet another violation of human and civil rights.

No form of assistance or protection was offered to the migrants and no information on applying for asylum was provided. Humanitarian organisations were denied any access. During the night of 28th June, after the minors had been transferred to reception centres for minors in Catania, the thirty or so members of the Catania Anti-Racist Network formed a human carpet to prevent the buses departing for the airport. It was not only the police forces to break up the protest, pressure was also applied by San Cristoforo’s drugs barons. Unfortunately, in Sicily all too often the State is the mafia and the mafia is the State.
Video by Sonia Giardina