Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – February 2020

Bad reception between redistribution and quarantine Borderline Sicilia 2019: networking in order to denounce the violation of rights THE BAD RECEPTION BETWEEN REDISTRIBUTION AND QUARANTINE Our monitoring activities having been executed in several hotspots* and CAS* on Sicily, still show that the social and work-based integration of the so-called “guests”, hence inhabitants, remains exceptionally (it […]

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – January 2020

CPR*: a system that must be overthrown The hypocrisy of Remembrance Day   CPR: A SYSTEM THAT MUST BE OVERTHROWN On January 12th, Aymed, a 34-year-old Tunisian man, died within the CPR of Caltanissetta following days of poor health and without adequate medical care, according to other detainees in the center. His death sparked the […]

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – October 2019

Poor reception, exploitation and no sign of discontinuity The problems of hotspots and the mirage of redistributions The endless massacres and the indifference of the institutions POOR RECEPTION, EXPLOITATION AND NO SIGN OF DISCONTINUITY No concrete act of discontinuity on the migration issue has been implemented by the current government. The laws that converted the […]

Newsletter Borderline Sicilia – September 2019

Between Italy and Libya – stories of abuse The limbo of hotspots and relocation practices BETWEEN ITALY AND LIBYA – STORIES OF ABUSE The summer of 2019 has been characterized by a war against rescue at sea and the continuing deaths that stain the Mediterranean with blood, while the consecutive government acts in continuity with the […]

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – August 2019

No more human rights on the shores of the Mediterranean NO MORE HUMAN RIGHTS ON THE SHORES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN To land and sea, this summer and the month of August especially was shaped by violence against migrants. The ban on landings, the criminalization of sea rescue as well as the violent migration policy are […]

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – July 2019

The government of violence Closure of the fortress Europe THE GOVERNMENT OF VIOLENCE Strength and violence continue to be the weapons used against migrants and against those considered and made socially weak: the shameful case of the Cara* di Mineo is an example of this. In addition, the destruction of the reception system with blocked […]

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – June 2019

Racism, Mafia attitudes and illegitimate practices In support of the Sea Watch 3 ship and of life-saving NGOs

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – May 2019

Massacred rights The situation of women and their invisibility Antiracist projects and practices

Newsletter BORDERLINE SICILIA – April 2019

Health, expendable rights Disgrace unveiled and rescue that doesn’t take place Hospitality is political. From the management of the new government to integration in Zarzis, Tunisia

Borderline Sicilia Newsletter – February/March 2019

The Mediterranean’s Shadow Zone The End of Reception, The Beginning of Speculation Rights on Dry Land Against the Spreading Racism THE MEDITERRANEAN’S SHADOW ZONE The criminalisation of the NGO rescue ships in the Central Mediterranean, initiated by the former Minister of the Interior, Marco Minniti, and brought to accomplishment by the current Minister, Matteo Salvini, […]